''As an expectant Mum and a Midwife I needed to know that I was receiving professional, competent and safe care.  Suzanne has the medical and professional expertise of being a qualified midwife combined with her experience and proven track record of effective reflexology treatments. Twelve hours after my reflexology session with Suzanne I went into spontaneous labour and had a wonderful, natural, delivery of a baby boy. I feel that without Suzanne's professionalism and expert touch I would not have had such a fulfilling outcome to my pregnancy and labour. I cannot recommend her enough to all the pregnant ladies that I look after as a midwife.'

T.Ashton 2004   (Mother of two and Midwife)

'The reflexology sessions with Suzanne were great and I especially appreciated the peace of mind I got from talking to an experienced midwife.  I felt I could ask her anything, however silly it may have seemed, or simply relax and enjoy the treatment.  Suzanne has a way of listening and putting my mind at rest, which to me was as valuable as the relaxing effects of the reflexology on my body.'

Sonia Malani 2005

'After a very difficult first pregnancy, I started seeing Suzanne for regular reflexology whilst pregnant with my second child.  Suzanne has a very kind, relaxing manner and I felt instantly at ease with her. As she is a qualified midwife, I felt reassured that I could ask her any question or talk about any fears I might have had; each time Suzanne was able to put me at my ease.

I found my reflexology sessions invaluable for pain relief, improving energy levels and normalizing my sleep patterns. Suzanne was also very much in tune with my pregnancy and was able to predict my delivery date with surprising accuracy.

I was also extremely lucky to have Suzanne as my midwife; I never imagined that I could say that giving birth could be a pleasurable experience, but in a way it was.  From start to finish, my labour lasted two hours and I managed to give birth to my 10lb 2 oz daughter with only the aid of gas and air.  I am convinced that Suzanne's efficiency and relaxing manner contributed to this easy and natural birth.

The difficulties of my first pregnancy and delivery could not been more in contrast with the comparitive ease of my second and I am certain that the treatment and care that I received from Suzanne contributed to this.

Thank you!'

Amelia White